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Two classes of membership exist in the Association, namely contractor members and associate members. Membership in the Association, whether contractor or associate, shall not be transferable.

1.  Contractor Membership shall be limited to individuals and business, whether incorporated or unincorporated, actively engaged in the Niagara Region as contractors, in the construction of roads, streets, bridges, viaducts, sewers, excavations and other associated work.

The current annual dues for a Contractor member are $425.00 / year.

2.  Associate Membership may be extended to any individuals and business organizations, whether incorporated or unincorporated, active in Ontario as suppliers of services, machinery, equipment or supplies to contractor members.

The current annual dues for an Associate member are $350.00 / year.

The benefits to both Contractor and Associate membership include the opportunity to gather and network collectively in a forum designed to bring about an increased awareness of the importance and vitality of our industry and to carry this message to municipal, provincial and federal authorities as it relates to this industry.

Through association comes collective strength, through action comes change.

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