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The Heavy Construction Association of Regional Niagara (HCARN) is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers and established to represent the interests of the civil and heavy construction industry in the Niagara Region. Our members are Contractors, Trade Contractors, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and professionals affiliated with the industry.

Growth in Niagara over the last several years has been felt with the never-ending sprawl of the GTA toward our area. Reinvestment in our infrastructure has been evident with record expenditures on bridges, roads, sewer and watermain replacement programs. This has buoyed confidence in private spending as well with our housing market at an all-time high- new subdivision growth spurred more construction than we have seen in past decades, as new families enter Niagara.

As we entered 2020 with a feeling of optimism based on continued market growth, we were greeted with the menacing introduction of a global pandemic. Contractors, like society, had to learn to adjust and adapt on the fly to a new reality not previously seen or experienced. Both Provincial and Municipal tendering, which serves as a primary conduit of bid opportunities of which our industry is so heavily reliant, slowed in response as all levels of Government were challenged by the unknown. Collectively, all parties had to rapidly transform their policies, work environment and delivery models to continue. As a
result, social distancing, face masks, daily health screening, and virtual meetings became the 'new norm'
in our business world. The construction industry in 2020, proved its resiliency in response to this pandemic. As many sectors were forced to either layoff or close, construction persevered, learning to adjust and adapt.

HCARN has been busy working with local municipalities to better understand their challenges as they struggle financially to balance budgets while continuing to reinvest in their aged infrastructure. We will continue to work closely with our municipal partners to support their needs and advise of the paramount importance of timely tender calling.

As an Association, the timeliness of critical information and its delivery to Membership has never been more important. In response to this need, our team is undertaking steps to not only facilitate current upgrading, but also a process to maintain and monitor future change. Web page refreshment with current Member information, vital links to relevant agencies, and current information on Ontario's new
Construction Lien Act, hired Consultant up to date findings and quarterly meeting minutes, are examples of information which will be regularly updated.

As we enter our 48th year as an organization, as your incoming President, I look forward to working with the HCARN executive team, our Membership, and our Municipal colleagues, as we continue to adjust and adapt to the concerns and challenges that lie ahead within our industry.




Jim Phibbs, President 2021


Heavy Construction Association of Regional Niagara




President Jim Phibbs
Circle P Paving Inc
Past President Mike Gallagher
Rankin Construction Inc
Vice President Rob Konig
Norjohn Contracting & Paving Inc
Treasurer Patrick DeRose
NPL Canada Limited
Secretary Dimitri Marianos
Demar Construction
Director Member

Director Associate Shea Gordon
Walker Industries


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