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Public Works Officials Meeting September 21, 2016 - Minutes Meeting

time-icon September 28, 2016

HCARN Public Works Officials Meeting
September 21, 2016
Location: Johnny Rocco's, St. Catharines
6:30pm - 9:00pm

7:15pm Dan O'Hara called meeting to order and asked everyone to introduce themselves

First guest speaker - Dan Monteith, IHSA

Dan provided an update on upcoming changes in safety legislation
- National Construction Safety Officer program available through IHSA
- Working At Heights Standard training deadline of April 2017
- New legislation as of July: new CSA Standard for Fall Arresters and Vertical Lifelines; Internal Combustion Engines changes; several items on Ladders; Elevating Work Platform standard and fall protection update; Rotary Foundation Drill Rigs (new); Alloy Steel Chain labels indicating load rating requirements

Second speaker - Dan O'Hara
- President's message - HCARN (who we are, what we do, charities we support within our community)
- Announced changes in Christmas Dinner date (moved back one week to last Friday in November) "station-style"
- Dan provided background on scholarship at Niagara College funded by HCARN (Dan O'Hara and Josh Carr of Rankin Construction attended this year for handout of bursary to Niagara College)

Third speaker - Brad Brewster, NPL, OSWCA Rep
Brad gave information on water study in Ontario, OSWCA lobbied at Queen's Park for increased funding
- Provided history on how municipalities manage water / wastewater infrastructure
- On September 14, the Government of Ontario announced that it had reached an agreement with the federal government on the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund that will make available more than $1.1 billion in combined funding, dedicated to water and wastewater infrastructure projects
- The federal government will invest $570 million, while the province and municipalities will each invest approximately $270 million
Ron Tripp announced that the Niagara Region is set to spend an additional $12 million starting in 2017 on water related projects
- Christine Adams of City of St. Catharines, Kelly Walsh of Town of Fort Erie and Erik Nickel of City of Welland each concurred, their respective centres are to spend additional monies on water / wastewater projects, over and above current budget forecasts, because of the new Fund

Fourth speaker - Josh Carr, Rankin Construction
Josh provided history behind Construction Day for Kids with OCCA (October 5, 2016)
- This will be HCARN's third year providing students with an inside look at construction sites and equipment / technology used
- An excavator simulator will be available for students to test their skills
- Walker Brothers Quarry to schedule a rock blast for students to observe, followed by lunch at Walker Brothers Headquarters

Fifth speaker - Erik Nickel, City of Welland
Erik provided insight into future growth in Welland
- General Electric investment in Welland will serve as catalyst for more growth, which creates - the need for infrastructure development
- Erik explained Welland's Asset Management Plans and how they want to leverage moving forward

Sixth speaker - Ron Tripp, Niagara Region
GO service coming to Niagara by 2023
- Spinoffs from GE coming to Welland will serve as positive growth in Niagara
Ron explained current situation with Burgoyne Bridge - the history and clarification of its overrun
- 2 Directors have taken a leave of absence
Procurement changes and challenges with acceptance
- For consistent best practice moving forward
- All about creating a level playing field and transparency

End of Meeting